Data Recovery

With the increasing digitization of businesses new problems arise. For instance, do you know the value of your business data? Often you realize this once you discover loss of data, due to a human mistake (or deliberately!) or because of a technical problem. BSM can recover lost data or files by using special lab equipment and software.

The data has been moved into the trash bin, which has been emptied, now what?

In many cases the data is still stored on a storage medium but without a reference to its location. With our knowledge of computers we can find and restore the data.

The hard disk is accidentally formatted, now what?

A USB stick or hard drive can be accidently formatted. All data will still be on the hard disk if the 'quick formatting' method was accidently used. Through reconstruction software we can usually retrieve most data. When using software to recover lost data it is important that not too many new data has been written over the old data. Therefore we advise you to make sure you deliver your computer to us as soon as possible. When the hard drive has been fully formatted, or when many new data have been written on the hard disk we can open the hard disk in the laboratory. By using special readers we are still able to read old tracks, but this type research is time consuming and therefore more costly.

Storage media eligible for recovery

- Hard disk from desktop, laptop, server or USB stick
- Memory card from a picture phone

Have you lost valuable data and do you want us to retrieve this data for you, or have you got a general question relating to this subject? Please do not hesitate to contact us on +31(0)20 820 36 93.