Security Information Event Management

BSM assists companies in selecting security products and systems. Following the selection our consultants provide, upon request, system integration and implementation.

We have found that Dragon ® DSCC from Enterasys is currently best Security Information Event Management (SIEM) product of its kind. This alert intelligent virtual security officer provides in one single central dashboard a clear overview of all security events. Dragon ® DSCC analyzes this data and produces clear management reports. Within six weeks this very user-friendly modular system can be implemented at a very competitive price.

Top 10 advantages:
1. Comply with IT requirements such as transparency, measurability and accountability;
2. Clear overview of all security activities in one central dashboard;
3. Fully automated, you will receive comprehensive management reports from the multitude of security data;
4. Connections possible between up to 400 different types of ICT systems;
5. Automatic deviation is detected by a combination of real-time and historical insight into network and application traffic;
Proactive notification of current threats and forecasts regarding future threats by using real-time and historical data;
6. Automatic warning diversion to persons or departments;
7. Central secure storage for log data;
8. Ticketing system for organizing tasks around network security;
9. Dragon ® DSCC is fast and simple to implement, within a period of 4 to 6 weeks, the system is operational and it is very competitively priced compared to other SIEM solutions.

Industrial espionage through digital roads is increasing, both from within and from outside companies. The virtual security officer Dragon ® DSCC will keep a close eye out for you, day and night, and will give you clear reports of his finding.

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