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Kingsfordweg 151 Amsterdam

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cyber security

Improve your cyber security together with BSM

Cyber security crime, or computer crime, is defined as: a crime committed with the aid of computers and the Internet. Cybercrime is the fastest growing form of crime.

The increasing dependence of companies and organizations on the use of ICT for business operations has created many new opportunities for fraud. Fortunately, the perpetrators unintentionally leave behind digital traces, as a result of which their identity and circumstances can often be traced.

With digital forensic investigation, BSM records all actions for its clients on a workstation, PC or server and can monitor network and e-mail traffic. Our digital investigators work with ICT and web forensics on a daily basis, trying to find, record and report on digital traces in ICT systems and the internet in a legally correct manner. The obtained information can also be used to prevent other hacks of the same kind, at the company itself and at others. They have access to a very large number of global information sources and databases, but more importantly, they also know how to search these sources quickly and effectively.

Cyber security against cybercrime

Computer forensics
Do you suspect that cybercrime has been committed or do you need proof? BSM investigates computers, telephones and digital devices for cyber traces of cyber criminals and can validly record them for use as evidence. Read more…

Identity fraud
By assuming a false identity, criminals can do a lot of damage, such as committing crimes with someone else’s equipment, taking over accounts, using someone else’s bank card and making themselves pay while you think you are paying the supplier, for example. BSM then knows what to do to prevent worse and can sometimes even track down the perpetrators. Read more…

Nowadays, everyone leaves traces via the internet, often by others. BSM can find these traces, capture them and also uses a number of advanced tools to find older versions of websites, for example. In this way, BSM finds the information you need as quickly as possible. Read more…

Help in case of cybercrime
If you become a victim of cybercrime, it will cause a lot of emotions and you probably want to remove all traces as soon as possible. If you are a victim of cybercrime, you might want to remove all traces as soon as possible, but even if this seems to save the situation at the moment, it is important that you don’t remove or modify the traces, because they could serve as evidence. If you want to remove the traces, it is important that you don’t remove them or modify them, as they could be used as evidence. Read more…

Fake web store
Has your website been faked by criminals or have you paid money to a fake website? BSM knows what you can do best. Read more…

Cybersecurity partners
BSM works together with other specialists to keep the knowledge as up to date as possible and because cybercrime can be tackled faster by working together. Would you like to know which specialists they are? Read more…

In digital investigations we work with the forensic software Encase, a package that is used worldwide by all investigative services such as police and customs to collect, analyze and report forensic evidence.
BSM also has equipment and software available to retrieve deleted data for you, this is called Data recovery.

Cyber awareness

For the end user of products, knowing that the systems meet the set standards and requirements is an added value.In addition, having safety audits and pen tests carried out has an effect on the corporate culture: people want to further implement safety in the organization.

Digital Security Services

Depending on your situation and the security status of your organization, BSM has a number of possible services to get you more cyber secure.