Improve digital security with BSM Better Security Management

Do you need help improving your cyber security? Then you have come to the right place: since 2004, BSM has been helping companies and organisations to improve their digital security. From application developer to construction company and from school to law firm.

BSM also helps companies that have already fallen victim to cybercrime. During our digital forensic investigations, a lot of knowledge is gained about recent developments of hackers and their techniques. This enables BSM to advise other clients based on the latest insights and developments in the digital world.

Are you building an app? Do you store vulnerable information? Do you have an internal network? In every situation, BSM offers companies insight into the actual status of their security. In addition, BSM customers can demonstrate that their security has been tested by a certified security expert.

BSM is a small and specialized company and provides customization to improve your cyber security as efficiently as possible.

Are you ahead of the hackers with us?

Clients we do work for, or have done work for: