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ICT Forensics

ICT Forensics

ICT Forensics is collecting and analyzing digital data from computers, files and other systems. The object of research can be a digital photo, a digital sound or even an entire hard drive or server. When we make a copy of a hard disk we always install a ‘write-blocker’ between the source system and target system so we can prove that we have not edited the data.

Combination digital forensics and traditional investigations

In addition to digital forensics investigations BSM also undertakes the more ‘traditional’ investigation activities. This combination makes us unique; after our digital forensic investigators have successfully solved a computer fraud case, we can extent our services by using the traditional method of confrontation. Conversely, digital forensic investigations are often part of other criminal investigations such as accounting fraud or leakage of confidential documents or data.

Our ICT forensic services include:

With ICT forensics we study data up to the deepest levels of computer systems, leaving the original data untouched. We bring to the surface deleted files, hidden files and renamed files.
Our ICT forensic services include:
• Proof copy of a hard disks, USB sticks and other data carriers
• Findings of somebody’s actions on a computers
• Findings of digital traces of corporate fraud, such as data leakage

Do you suspect you or your company might be a victim of cybercrime?

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible on +31(0)20 820 36 93 because it is very important to retain digital tracks. All our investigators and staff are screened by the police and apply strict confidentiality. BSM is licensed by the Ministry of Justice under POB number 1104.