The ICCM Audit​

Why should you have the ICCM Audit done? This internal security audit gives you a quick insight into the security risks that your office environment faces. The weaknesses in the field of information security can be tackled with this audit. You can use the ICCM audit to know whether you comply with the legal frameworks and obligations.

The internal ICCM© Audit

At an average ICCM© Audit we usually find about 75 security holes!

The ICCM Audit is an abbreviation of:

Internal security audit ICCM

At an average ICCM© Audit we usually find about 75 security vulnerabilities!

The ICCM Audit is an abbreviation of:

  • The ICCM audit is set up from the ISO 27000 standard.
  • Scans quality criteria such as user availability, confidentiality, integrity and verifiability
  • Has been benchmarked on the average security level of Dutch companies
  • provides a practical guide with insightful points for improvement

“At a large distribution center, management was convinced that
the new wireless network was secure.
A check by BSM showed that through the wireless network there was direct
and easy access to the product and customer database.
The report showed the weaknesses and the corresponding solutions:
with a few minor adjustments, the wireless network was secure”!

This audit makes company data secure, the systems often a lot faster and very important: can your company comply with the legislation art. 13 Wbp. The costs of the ICCM audit will quickly be recouped. Would you like more information and the brochure?
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