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What is my IP address

Do you want to know your IP address?

Any device that can call has a telephone number. Likewise, any device connected to the Internet has an IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol).

For example, the IP address of your device is currently:

Your IP address: >> <<



This number is not always the same. For instance, if you are connected to WIFI, your IP address will be the IP address of your modem; if you use mobile data you will get a temporary IP. On this page we will answer all your questions about IP addresses and tell you what you need to do to test your IP.

Do websites have an IP address?

Websites do have an IP address. When you look up a website name in your browser, DNS servers (Domain Name Servers) will look for the IP address that belongs to this website name. The device on this IP address is a web server: a large computer specially designed to run websites. A webserver usually runs multiple websites. This means that different websites can have the same IP address. The IP address of a website is the IP address of the web server on which the website is running.

Does My Computer Have Its Own IP Address?

Every computer has at least one IP address. It is good to know that computers are usually connected to the internet via a modem. A modem gives its internal network consisting of computers and other devices their own IP addresses. These internal IP addresses are different to the addresses on the worldwide internet. The global IP address of your computer, network or company is not visible from the internal network, but it is visible from this page.

What Do IP Addresses Look Like?

There are two types of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. Both have exactly the same function, but the way the addresses are constructed differs. The oldest type of IP address is IPv4, which consists of 4 groups of numbers from 0 to 255, for example 81,169,157,148. When the internet was thought to soon run out of IPv4 addresses, more addresses were needed. That’s why IPv6 was launched in 1998: 8 groups of 1 to 4 hexadecimal digits separated by colons, for example 2a01:238:43c5:1100:779d:224f:5c9:4be2.

How Can An IP address Be Hacked?

On the internet, communications with devices take place through ports, of which there are 65,535 on each IP address. Each port has its own function. Every port that is open for communications forms an opportunity for a hacker to enter the device. Some ports have to be open for the device to work, but it is very important to lock all unused ports. This reduces the chances of being hacked significantly. To detect all open ports and their risks, a pen test can be done.

If you have an IPv6 address, there are even more risks involved because more devices can be connected to an IPv6 address than to an IPv4 address. This can make traffic uncontrollable.

Can I have penetration tests done on my IP address?

A penetration test can be done at any IP address, under the condition that you can prove that you are the owner of the equipment connected to the IP address. If your IP address starts with “10.”, “192.168” or “172.”, it is very likely that we will have to visit you to do a pen test, because these are examples of private addresses. All other addresses, wherever they are in the world, can be tested remotely. More information about IP addresses can be found on the ‘my IP address page’ of wikipedia.

If you would like to test a website, it is better to give us the name of the website instead of the IP address, but it is always important for your own security to have the IP address tested, too. After all, this is a direct route to your computer or your company. To secure a website, please look at this page:

website security.

Pentesting Cyber security door BSM met Pentest en audit

How can I get a penetration test on my IP address?

In order to have your IP address tested, you must be able to prove that you are the owner of the device on this IP address. If you wish to have the IP address that you are currently using to visit this website tested, you can already prove that you are actually browsing from this network by sending the following security code together with your IP:

Send us this security code: >> 646962 <<

Send us this ip: >> <<

The code is valid for one week. After this a new code will be generated when you visit this page, which you can use for another week.

For questions about pen testing and the possibilities, please contact us or visit our pen test information page.

Please contact us if you have further questions about IP addresses or of you want us to perform a pen test on your IP.


There are several moments when a pen test can be useful:
In the acceptance phase of a new system or application;
In the event of significant changes to an important system or application;
Periodically (annually/two years), to test existing systems for new burglary techniques;
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With the help of security audits, companies can ensure that the security level is in order but also remains in order afterwards. Security Audits can be carried out in various forms and frequencies. Pre-audit for ISO 27001 certification, internal audits and risk analyses.

Incident respons

Do you need help in case of a cyber incident? If so, BSM can advise you and provide specific assistance in the event of cybercrime. It is important to contact us quickly in order to limit the damage as much as possible and to secure the digital traces as much as possible.

remote assistance

Would you like assistance because of a suspicious situation or to know if something is properly secured? BSM can also look with you remotely and provide assistance, anywhere in the world, if there is an internet connection. Please contact us for more information.