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Cybercrime and Digital Fraud

Cybercrime (computer crime) is a criminal offence that is committed through the use of computers and the Internet. Cybercrime / Digital Fraud is the fastest growing form of crime. The increasing reliance of companies and organizations on ICT for management, use of internet, email, computer, laptops and smartphones has resulted in many new opportunities for fraud. Cybercriminals often leave undesirable digital traces, which can make it possible to identify the perpetrator and establish the facts surrounding the cybercrime.

bsm netwerkbeveiliging

With digital forensic investigation, BSM can record all operations on a workstation, PC or server. We can also monitor network and e-mail traffic. Every day, our digital investigators are involved in ICT forensic investigations (finding, registering and reporting digital evidence in IT systems) and web forensic investigations (intensive digital searches on the Internet). We have access to a large number of worldwide information sources and databases, but more importantly, we know what methods we need to use to scan these sources quickly and effectively. We use forensic software Encase, a global software package used by major law investigative authorities such as police and customs to collect, analyze and report evidence.


Our digital forensic investigators are also well-equipped to do data retrieval, also called data recovery.

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