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Kingsfordweg 151 Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 8203693


Interim CISO / Interim Security Professional

Do you need an interim interim CISO assistant for temporary CISO, Chief Information Security Officer?

BSM provides the support you need with an interim Chief Information Security Officer with the right knowledge and skills.

The most common situations in which our clients engage a CISO from BSM are:

  1. The company needs a sparring partner and security expert, or due to compliancy requirements must have a qualified officer who can perform security tasks and make decisions. It is then sometimes cheaper to involve a part-time CISO; all the knowledge, not all the costs.
  2. BSM helps your future CISO on the road. We will map out the handles and risks, advise on technical measures specific for your company and/or institution and eventually transfer the advice and roadmap to the future permanent CISO employee of your company. Many tasks must first be designed, but can then be carried out by an internal employee who will take on the CISO role.
  3. Catching up; because of the new privacy regulations in particular, many companies have to catch up. Do you temporarily need extra capacity for your security team? BSM has professionals available immediately.
Interim CISO van BSM

Do you need a CISO?

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What is a CISO?

The (interim) CISO advises you how to set up your company in the safest possible way, so that your information is optimally secured and you comply with legal regulations. The Chief Information Security Officer identifies the specific risks within your company. He/she has broad system knowledge, both technical and organisation-related.

The skills of a CISO of BSM are: technical, creative, communicative, good organiser, independent and efficient. Achieving the highest possible security with the least possible means is both the challenge and your profit.

The CISO identifies the information security risks, holds discussions on how the risks can be reduced, contributes to awareness with the aim of permanently securing the changes in your company.

The interim CISO is in the first place a technical expert and is aware of the developments in information security, understands the laws and regulations and ensures that all this comes together in security advice. Our security people follow multiple trainings and seminars each year to stay ahead in our field. 

Normative frameworks with which we have knowledge and experience are:

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