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Kingsfordweg 151 Amsterdam

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ISO 27001 standardisation​​

The ISO 27001 audit, on the way to Certification

Since 2007, BSM has accompanied companies on their way to ISO 27001 certification, the standard which is used worldwide as the basis for information security.

The ISO27001 is the international standard that sets out the specification for an information security management system (ISMS).

With the standars/ accreditation, you can show that you are complying with the standards that have been set for information security.
BSM supports companies in the process towards auditing by the certificating organisations. BSM knows which aspects need to be implemented in order to achieve the accreditation for the ISO 27001 audit.

iso 27001 begeleiding

BSM itself is not the certifying organisation. We make the certification process possible and can assist our clients in the preparation of the actual certification, the audits and re-audits.


A pleasant side-effect is that BSM understands the language of the auditors and can therefore save costs, for example, in solving shortcomings detected by the auditors.

Why ISO-27001?

The certificate helps to reduce information security risks and prevent incidents, which benefits your company’s reputation.
Your customers and partners can require and in any case appreciate the certification, this can give your organization commercial opportunities.
With the ‘ISO 27001 certificate’ your company / business shows that it has done enough to comply with the laws and regulations concerning information security.

BSM’s security consultants can also assist you with the implementation of your security policy, awareness and with the implementation of specific points for improvement.